Kenneth Unsworth, Director

  • 01704 532890
  • Office:Southport

Ken qualified as a solicitor in 1967 and specialises in Commercial and Company Law. He is also a Notary Public and can help with the following:

  • Authenticating a power of attorney for use overseas
  • Dealing with the purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • Authenticating a foreign will
  • Providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or who owned property abroad
  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration purposes
  • Appling to marry or to work abroad
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions or provide certificates as to the status of a company or the identity of its directors
  • Dealing with the foreign office

In his spare time Ken enjoys trekking, climbing, and has travelled to all four corners of the globe. He also enjoys Scottish Country Dancing and he plays the Highland Bagpipes.